Baby Fin's First Camping Trip (6 weeks)

adventure date: April 9th - April 11th

I was super nervous for Fin's first camping trip not going to lie. I am a planner and it was stressing me out because I didn't feel prepared. I was just getting used to the whole being a mom thing and taking that act on the road was a whole new adventure. 

When Fin turned 6 weeks old and I got the okay from my doctor to start climbing again we decided to head down to St. George to celebrate. It was sunny and beautiful and aloud us to still be close to a city if we needed to run back to civilization. 

Fin did awesome on the drive down and slept most of the way. With just an hour left to go he started to loose it though so we stopped and went for a hike and hung out at some watering holes. Fin loves hiking, the wind not so much. The hardest part was making sure he didn't get too hot.

We camped in one of our favorite spot, Joes Valley. Fin actually slept way better in the tent than he had been at home. I contemplated setting up a tent in the backyard when we got home, when your a new mom you'd do just about anything for sleep. We bouldered a bunch and I got super frustrated not being able to climb as hard as I used to. The problems that used to be my warm-ups were super tough now. We ate at some new restaurants and I have a new fav, Even Stevens. Way yummy sandwiches!

Our second day there we ran into one of our buddies. He happened to be camping next to us which turned out to be a lifesaver. We were able to rotate between watching Fin and climbing/belaying. Since it was so hot down there we chased the shade and went climbing in Crawdad Canyon, which is pretty much a climbing resort. The climbing walls line a river along with lots of trees that provide tons of shade. Some of the crags even have cement belay patios and benches. Many "pureist" climbers think it is too posh and too much like climbing in a gym. But we loved it, especially with a baby it was so nice! Plus why shouldn't you be comfortable at a crag, climbing can be miserable enough sometimes with your toes crammed into small shoes, and flappers ect. It wasn't officially open either so there was only one other group which was nice.

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