Hofers explore Europe: Switzerland

October 28th - November 2nd

After landing in Switzerland we decided to stop in Bern on our way to where we would be staying. While driving around we luckily stumbled on the Old City of Bern. This place was the cutest! It was like stepping back in time.
We wandered the little cobble stone streets and found a little street market,  a beautiful deserted cathedral, a medieval drinking fountain that still functions, and an antique shop that had lots of items that should probably be in a museum. There was also a neat little candy shop in the cellar of an old building. Hofe thought it would be fun to take the children's slide entrance. It was... but I didn't realize how slick the slide was especially with my leggings.  I rocketed down the slide and head first into a huge display of roller skate boxes. Luckily I didn't brake the glass wall behind it. Hofe wanted to flee the scene and I was in tears from laughing so hard. We bought lots of candy to make it up to them. You can watch the video below..

Opps from Brighton Peachey on Vimeo.

We made one more spontaneous pit stop in Spiez which is on the shore of lake Thun. Another darling little town. And Lake Thun was gorgeous! It was pretty deserted since it wasn't tourist season which was nice, the only problem was we couldn't find any open restaurants to get food at. Instead we just got yogurt at the grocery store which made up for it because it was the tastiest yogurt ever, so much better than what we have in the states.

It was hard to to pull off at every exit on the rest of our drive to Grindelwald (where we would be staying). By far the prettiest drive I have ever been on. We could've just driven around all day and admired the scenery. I was so glad Hofe was driving so I could stare out the windows. Plus the narrow winding Swiss roads are a little scary to drive one. Switzerland is seriously breathtaking. LOVED IT!!! It was so pretty that as we got close to where we are staying I literally started crying because it was so pretty. It may have been a prego moment but I legitimately got depressed we didn't live there. Maybe one day.

When we pulled up to where we were staying we were in awe. Grindelwald is like someplace out of a storybook. It's beautiful! A classic swiss chalet sat on rolling green hills with towering snow covered peaks in the background. We were so lucky to be able to stay with a wonderful family. They were so kind, and we are so grateful they let us stay in there guest suite. We had so much fun getting to know them. They even made us the famous Swiss dish, raclette. Being prego the smell was a little rough, raclette is a super stinky cheese, but it was delicious! You melt it and dip bread, meat, veggies and things in it. How can you go wrong with melted cheese.

   It was neat to also have the Eiger looming over us. The Eiger is an infamous peak that challengers alpine climbers, one that Hofe and I would love to tackle one day. We would just stare at it each morning when we would go hiking. The hiking in Switzerland was so rad too. There were trails everywhere you looked. You could pick anyone of them and not be disappointed with where it took you. Plus it was a great work out because you were either going up or down, there was no flat ground.

On one of the hikes we decided to head up the mountain and explore a forest near the top. There are cows everywhere so we had to pass through many of their rope fences. (I just have to say even the cows in Switzerland are better looking than cows here haha). The fences were twine and had a metal hook at the reel on the end, so when we had to pass through we would either duck underneath or Hofe would grab the plastic part of the reel and unhook it. We had been hiking awhile and got to another fence so I went to unhook it and grabbed the yellow twin. ZAAPPP!!! Lightening shot all the way up my arm and my hand seized frozen in a clenched fist.  Apparently the fences were electric, and even with my gloves on my hand burned and tingled. I was freaking out and worried that I had just electrocuted our baby. It was such a relief when I finally felt him kick again. And that's how our child got his superpowers...

We went into Lauterbrunnen Valley a few days to explore. Lauterbrunnen is where J.R.R Tolkin got his inspiration for Rivendale. With over 70 waterfalls it is so unbelievably pretty. We hiked up to a couple waterfalls. One was a really neat hike that takes you through a tunnel that winds its way up through the cliff face and opens up underneath the waterfall.

We also got to explore a series of subterranean waterfalls. Trummelbach Falls should definitely make it onto your Switzerland to-do list. It's best to go right when they open because it was super neat to have it all to ourselves. You also get a great view of the valley before you head into the tunnels. 

After being underground we decided to head for higher ground. Much higher ground. We took a tram up into the Swiss Alps to do some hiking around. There were tiny little villages up on the mountain that were hundreds of years old, how they used to get up the GIANT cliff faces without the tram is a mystery. Seriously mind blowing. 

We headed to the very top and the view was AMAZING! You could see the Swiss mountains in every direction and even over to Lake Thun. When we went to head back down the tram broke and we were stuck. We survived on chocolate until they could get it fixed three hours later. Then we had to fight through a mob of Asian tourist who kept trying to cut us in line to get on the first tram.

We were starving by the time we made it back down. We went to this little base jumping cafe that looked good. We wanted to have a picnic so we asked if we could get our food to go. They don't have fast food there so I think this was a weird concept for them, they looked at us funny. Michael got fajitas and I got a veggie burger. Hofe's "fajitas" was half chicken, half pork, wrapped in a tortilla with some shredded lettuce, chickpeas, sprouts and lots of thousand island dressing. My "veggie burger" was one slice of sweet potato and tomato with the same shredded lettuce and soaked in the thousand island dressing. Haha so bazaar and gross. The food in Switzerland wasn't that great, at least all the places we tried. Germany had them beat. Plus the food was super expensive.

Another day we headed out to explore with no destination in mind.  We meandered through Interlaken and Brienzersee. Both were such neat towns with lots to see.  Then we had a picnic on the shores of Lake Interlaken that consisted of Swiss Chocolate and cheese. On a walk around the lake we met a nice old Swiss man who tried talking to Hofe in German. But Swiss German is way different and Hofe couldn't understand more than a few words. So we just smiled and nodded and tried to decipher he wild hand gestures.

On our last day in Switzerland we got up early so that we would have time to check out Lake Geneva and Chillon Castle before heading to the airport. The castle dates back as early as 1005. We loved getting to wander through the castle and saw everything from an old crypt under a chapel, to an armory, and the massive dinning hall. I'm a nerd for history so I loved getting to explore such an old structure.  

We ate lunch with view of Lake Geneva, the water was so blue. We were sad to leave such a beautiful place. We will definitely be back! We stopped in Norway on our way home. Where surprisingly our best (and most expensive) meal of the trip was at the airport. What tiny bit of Norway we got to see was incredible. It's not somewhere I've ever really wanted to visit but now it's near the top of my list. So glad Hofe and I got to take one last trip just him and I before the baby came. Glad I have such a wonderful partner to adventure through life with. 

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