Bells Canyon

 adventure date: December 6th , 2014

ridgeline exploring

Little Cottonwood Canyon houses some of my favorite mountains to get lost in. Full of beautiful granite and hidden lakes. Many Saturdays this fall I set out to wander and chart the heart of LLC. I would just pick a random path and start hiking, or trail running (if i was feeling extra energetic). It was exciting getting to explore new places, and motivating to push myself to keep going a little bit further to see what was around the next bend, or the view from the next peak. Usually I have a hard time turning this wild curiosity off, making it difficult to tear myself away from my exploration and turn around to start on the journey back. In my head I tell myself, "just a little further"...which turns into "I'll head back after I get to the top of this mountain"...and then "5 more minutes". This leads me to digging deep for a last burst of energy to pick up the pace so I can cover as much ground as my remaining minutes countdown. Anyone whose gone hiking we me can likely relate the same propaganda I used to convince them to keep going just "a little" further. Sorry I just can't help it! Usually I end up being 45 minutes late or so to whatever civilization responsibility I had commitment. When I finally convince myself to retrace my course I can't stop thinking about what beautiful landscape or treasure views I'm missing. 

These pictures makes me super sad though... when I was hustling back after traversing some ridgelines I lost my new helinox trekking pole. Yes that gold beauty you can see in the photo bailed out of my pack along the way. :( So sad. If by the super miracle chance someone found it (I think near the trailhead bathrooms up by albion basin past alta) I would be so grateful if you let me know!

Now buried under feet of snow these peaks and alpine lakes feel seem like a totally different place, which means I should probably go explore some more....