Lake Blanche

adventure date : July 27, 2014

Lake Blanche

distance: apprx 7 miles round trip
elevation gain: 2700ft
difficulty: moderate (fairly steep)
exposure: mostly shaded until you reach the lake, then partial shade
tip: make sure you have plenty of water (especially if hiking in the summer!) or bring a water filter.& Don't forget the bug repellent.
getting there: Big Cottonwood Canyon. Park at the bottom of S-Curve. (Mill B Trailhead.)Continue paved path till trailhead marker on right (before you reach the bridge).

For our 'Summit Sunday' we decided to give Lake Blanche another go. We attempted to hike it last fall but didn't reach the top, but not for lack of trying! It started raining just a few minutes after we started hiking but since we had come prepared with waterproof shells we decided to keep trekin'. I took this picture right after we started hiking:

Everyone turning back to heading back down looked at us like we were crazy, since we were the only hikers still trying to make our way up the steep muddy path. Soon the rain turned to slush, and then the slush turned to snow. We were wet and freezing, but determined! So we slowly continued making our way up the mountain. We reached a tree line (same spot as in the picture from our 2nd attempt below), & got excited thinking Lake Blanche lay just on the other side of the Aspens. In reality we were only about halfway. By this point we couldn't see very far ahead because of the snow and mist, so when a man (the only person we'd seen on the trail since we started) came sprinting down the snow covered trail in flipflops with bloody feet it made me jump. He informed us a moose had been chasing him and we needed to run, as soon as he explained this he took off running again towards the bottom. Michael and I sat there for a second, the only hikers on the trail, listening to the silence around us and watching the snowflakes blanket everything in white. We decided we weren't going to let a mad moose stop us so we started hiking again, but this time much slower so we could listened for this angry furry fellow. We had only made it to a clearing on the other side of the Aspens, when we heard a noise and decided it was best not to stick around to meet whatever made it. We were completely drenched by the time we got back to the car, with numb fingers and faces.

Being cold was our last concern as we hike the Lake Blanche trail for our second time. It was HOT and summer made all the vegetation look so green and lush. It was beautiful! The trail winds its way up, to the mountain top lake. Lake may not be the correct word, pond is more accurate. Even though Lake Blanche was more along the lines of a large pond it had absolutely awesome views. I loved watching the wildlife too. I wish I could have a pet squirlle, they are probably the cutest fur ball ever.

there is a reason you never wear that other pair of trail running shoes…and this is it. rubbed raw and bloody heels.and yes we were filthy

If you're in the SLC area you should definitely check this hike out if you haven't already. It is a popular trail and sees a good amount of traffic, so if you like more of the seclusion I recommend hiking it late in the day after most people have finished (just don't forget to bring head lamps for the way down!)


  1. So beautiful! I want to go!! Thanks for the great review. Also, I am pretty sure you two are still in first place for 'most adorable couple'. :)

  2. you should definately check it out! it's a great hike. and thanks kais you are so sweet! :)