Meet the Hofers

We are just your average newly weds, that love to climb up the sides of cliffs, jump off the tops or arches, summit tall mountains, and get lost in the wilderness. I’m probably the last person I ever thought would write a blog, but I really wanted a way to document and keep track of all our adventures. Besides, a blog has a better chance of survival than a journal). I also love coming up with healthy recipes & have needed an easier way to share those. So be warned, I wasn't an English major, but I hope you will at least find it entertaining!
Before we start spilling all our adventures we thought we would each give a quick introduction of the other (totally unbiased of course)

Michael Hofer, also known as Hofe, grew up in Loa, UT. If you are like all others who have never heard of Loa before, it is right smack dab in the middle of Utah,"a geographical oddity" somehow 2 hours away from everything. He is the 2nd youngest of 8 siblings. Hofe has been fascinated with science and the human body for as long he can remember, and used to watch surgeries while other kids his age watched cartoons. He has always been extremely athletic and played shortstop & pitcher for his high school baseball team who won state his freshman year. His talents don’t stop there. He is one of those annoying people who is good at everything (and I say that with love). Hofe…
…plays 7 different instruments (most of which he taught himself)
…can speak 4 1/2 languages (Haitian Creole, French, Spanish, English of course & is currently learning German)
…can run half marathons (in great time with zero training!)
…is an amazing cook (his street tacos & panna cotta will blow your mind)
…is incredibly smart (ask him any science question & he will tell you the answer, even if you don’t ask he will still tell you)
…is an extremely strong climber (he makes it look easy, too easy)
You get the picture. He has been apart of multiple bands (winning more than one battle of the bands) and has even written a musical with a friend called K-12. Hofe attended Snow College before serving an LDS mission in Florida, speaking Haitian Creole. After his mission he attended the University of Utah, and will being receiving his Bachelors in Medical Laboratory Science this Spring (think Bill Nye). He plans on getting his PhD or attending med school in the near future.
Through his dance moves / story telling he always brings a party with him. He is the hottest, small-town, climbing, nerdy, funny, kind husband anyone could every ask for. So glad he is mine!

Brighton Libby Peachey was born in California on March 22 to two loving parents. (I know this sounds like an obituary, but its not...)
When she was 10 years old her family moved to Mesa, Arizona where she lived until she was the rebellious age of 15. At this point in her life, she moved again, this time, to Alpine, Utah where she finished high school at Lone Peak.
Besides being the cutest and most adventurous person ever made, she is also a fish. Ever since she was little she has LOVED being in and near the water. When she would visit her grandparents in Sea Ranch she would throw herself into the 50 degree water without hesitation. Pure insanity. (There are also some of the most spectacular photos of her diving from a 50 foot cliff with perfect swan diving form, & others that prove she plunged into a river in the middle of a blizzard).
Apart from being a mermaid she has more guts and adventure in her than any girl I know. At a very young age she did motocross, wakeboarding, climbing and rappelling, and any adventure sport she could find. In high school she ran the 200 meter hurtles with style, grace, and speed - even with her short little legs ;) 
Her love of the outdoors and adventure continued after high school when she attended the University of Utah and graduated with her Bachelor's in Health Education and Promotion, emphasising in Remote Rescue. During this time she never stopped exploring and having adventures. She always says she was born in the wrong era and would have loved to grow up during the 70s or during the settling of the western U.S. (Think of her as a possible replacement for Sacajawea.) 
Bright is an amazing climber, hiker, runner, cook, student, EMT, swimmer, photographer, and all around model woman. She exudes happiness and people are drawn to her enthusiasm for life, adventure, beauty, and kindness. I consider myself the luckiest man to have found the coolest WOAHman on Earth.