the beginning

Her side...

     One night in October (2012) I was climbing at The Front waiting for my friend to show up. Down the wall from me there was a group of guys showing off doing dynos (a dynamic movement to a hold when your body completely leaves the wall). One of them strutted over & asked, “Do you want to join the dyno club?” , I nicely said I’d pass because he seemed like the typical cocky guy trying to pick up on girls at the gym, & I may have been a little intimidated by the dynos they were doing.
    Jump forward a few weeks to when I run into my friend Michelle at the climbing gym. We had plans to hang out that evening so she wanted to introduce me to her cousin, who was living with her, who would also be there that night. She waves over the same guy that had invited me to join the "dyno club". He introduced himself as Michael & told Michelle how we had ‘sort-of’ already met, but after I introduced myself the conversation didn’t go much longer. I checked him out while he bouldered & decided he was pretty hot so when I went home I spent way too long deciding which swimsuit to wear. That night when I went over to Michelle’s, Michael didn’t say much of ANYTHING though, so I assumed he wasn't interested...
      Besides Michelle & climbing we had lots of other weird connections where our lives overlapped. For instance, the summer I worked for Michael's roommate's dad. Since apparently we hadn’t quite picked up on the hint yet our paths crossed again when we both showed up for the same job interview. There was an awkward ‘do we high-five, shake hands, or hug moment’, but luckily he still got my number and asked me out on a date. I almost bailed on our first date for climbing, but luckily I didn't. We went to the cutest little restaurant downtown called Ava's. From there it didn’t take me long to realize that he was the complete opposite of what I had first thought. He turned out to be funny, kind, sweet, fun, & my best friend.
And now our adventure begins!

His side...

It all started as most romances start- in a climbing gym. I have always been of the opinion that there is someone out there for everyone and at this point in my life I was not expecting to find that someone. You see, I had a syndrome that I like to call “The Two Week Troubles.”  Essentially, I would get bored with the person I was trying to date in about two weeks. “Bored” isn’t even the right word, “disinterested” is probably a better choice.  So, one can assume that with this given commitment issue I was nowhere near finding the love of my life. But when I actually met her, the Two Week Troubles seemed to evaporate.
            So, here I am in a climbing gym called “The Front Climbing Club”. I was sitting with some guys I didn’t know and we were working on a particularly tricky dyno we had made up. I saw this lonely girl climbing all by her onesey and I decided to invite her to “join the dyno club.” Let me clarify there is and never was a “dyno club”, it was a pathetic attempt to get her attention and perk her interest. She said no. Crushed, I continued with my dyno activities. 
            Two weeks later my cousin Michelle informed me that she had someone that she wanted me to meet.  “She is 21, super hot, and a great climber,” she said. This was all I needed to know! -Side note-climbers have a tendency to only date other climbers.  If a climber starts dating someone who doesn’t climb, they will try and make them a climber.  If that person becomes a climber, success! If they don’t, you dump them. It’s that simple. Anyway, when I heard this I was absolutely elated! Young, hot, and a climber: that is what I call the trifecta. 
            A few days go by and Michelle and I go to The Front for a bit of late night plastic pulling. When we walk in, Michelle makes a v-line towards some friends. Michelle yells for me to come over and she introduces me to none other than the same girl that turned me down two weeks earlier!  Turns out, her name is Brighton Peachey, a strangely amazing name if you ask me. I got her number by the end of the night! Ziiing! 
(Past Michael didn’t know it, but future Michael would marry Brighton Peachey.)
As the days went by, she came over to our hot tub for a night of wassel and relaxation. I didn’t say much the whole time. I was observing from a distance. I wanted to see what kind of person she was, mostly I was super nervous. She was (and is) a BAAABE! After that night, I was fully intrigued and decided to ask her on a date to Eva’s, a nice little Mediterranean place in downtown SLC. After that night I was hooked. She was beautiful, smart, funny, awkward, adventurous and talented: A perfect mixture of what I wanted in a person. Soon one date turned into two, then three, then lots and lots and after a year and a half of dating and adventure, I decided to ask her to marry me.

See the video of the epic way he decided to pop the question here: Our Story